Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Tale of Two Outings

I take a strange pride in being easily amused. Mostly because it allows me to stay content being while others are feverishly searching for stuff to do. However, living in the loneliest hallway in Jones Dorms (complete with creaky doors and a flickering ceiling light at the far end- I kid you not) has made me realize that even I, the great antisocialite, need to hang out with people and do things sometimes. Notice, I am not admitting weakness here. Human interaction and IRL events are only necessary so that I don't run out of things to blog about.

Monday Night I crashed your party...
Drove with Kyle to JavaJazz Cafe with the promise of a live local DJ. At first I was skeptical, since the venue has a reputation for catering to tweens (and as we all know, I'm more into 8 year olds...), but P.D.A was an altogether pretty impressive show. Review: Even though I hate to pigeonhole his mad-stylez, he was kind of a pop-ish rapper with solid electronic/melodic beats. Very catchy. Very danceable. I approve. (Except for the name. Just so you know, PDA stands for Public Displays of Afflection-- a portmanteau defined as the struggle between love and hate. Really? ...really?.)

Tuesday Night I said I'm sorry...

Metrorail'd myself over to the Angelika to catch Iron Man with Viren. It's one of those movies that everyone but me had seen, so I was starting to get left out of lots of conversations. And birthday parties. Somehow, I found the only other human being on the face of the earth that hadn't seen it yet to accompany me. Unexpectedly proving my hyperbole-- we ended up being the only two people in the theater. Pfft. Where's the fun in buying popcorn if you have no one to throw it at? (Fine, you caught me, I didn't actually buy popcorn... but we ended up having a good amount of spare change between us for when a couple decided to enter the theater forty-three minutes after the movie started.) Review: I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, it's not going go win any awards, but I found myself cheering and laughing out loud more than I found myself yelling constructively-critical obscenities, which is always a good sign. And DAMN, the explosions were HAWT (*drool*). So yea, thumbs up. I'd definitely recommend the movie to people if I knew there was any possibility of someone out there not having seen it yet.
But that would just be ridiculous.

Wednesday came and trashed it out again...
Actually, all I did on Wednesday was go to work. Though I might head out to an apartment gathering later. I guess I have to do something blog-worthy now, like set furniture on fire or toilet paper their room to keep with this WILD OUTING trend of mine.

I was only having fun, wasn't hurting anyone.
And we all enjoyed the weeknights for a change.

I don't know why I had to add that in... the titles are in no way relevant to the post itself.
Bah, I'm a sucker for Billy Joel.
So sue me.

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