Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day off = QUESTS!

First, I walked to Target to get groceries and a delicious sandwich. That is 40 minutes each direction, by the way. But it was so nice outside, I couldn't resist! It may or may not have been 96 degrees at the time. It may or may not have been midday. (My glory is exceeded only by my foolishness.) I don't know, something about walking places makes me feel more productive. Maybe because it just takes longer. Or maybe getting sweaty has become intricately associated with accomplishing things. Either way- now I have groceries and a tank tan. w00t.
The second quest of the day is going to sound a little more lame, since it was an internet quest. However, I was just as excited about the end result. This commercial has been eluding my feverish search for quite some time (translation: 2 days) and I finally FOUND IT. The only clues I had to go off of were that it was a Justice song and that there were people in masks dancing to it. It's amusing how I have come to expect every clip I have ever seen IRL to be on Youtube. Oh well, we'll ponder the repercussions of that later. For now, victory is mine!

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