Monday, June 16, 2008

Disappear Here.


Today was our first chill day. Both of my cousins returned to work so my grandma and I did some necessary shoppin' (not the cool computer kind, I'm afraid). Grocery shopping for ingredients to make her delicious Thai coconut soup (ginger, lemongrass, asparagus, celery, basil, chicken broth, coconut milk, straw mushrooms, pure deliciousness) and jeans shopping so that my legs won't freeze and fall off as soon as the sun goes down (I found the perfect pair. I may actually wear them.)

In other news, I started reading Less Than Zero (it's just as dark and deliciously desolate as last time) to make up for the the grotesque overdosing of chick flicks inflicted upon me by my grandma and younger cousin. They've been setting up marathons each night assuming I'd want to be included just because I'm female (incorrect on both counts unfortunately.) But whatever, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to hang out with my family. Besides, this is great practice in learning to suppress maniacal laughter and caustic commentary (which also comes in handy for weddings and well... daily life in general.) In any case, I think it's funny that I can read and adore such depressing books, while the only thing that truly kills my spirit is a good romantic comedy. (Elizabethtown, PS I love you, and did I mention that I saw Bridget Jones 1 & 2 in the same sitting? I wanted to stab myself in the face. I should win some kind of award for surviving the experience.)

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