Saturday, October 31, 2009

Voodoo Day One- Justice & Eminem

Only good decisions are made between the hours of two and four and the morning. Like deciding to drop my weekend plans of being lame and studious for a six=hour roadtrip to VoodooFest in New Orleans.

We got into the actual park around 7:30, and literally RAN to the playstation stage so we could get a good spot for Justice. I was a little surprised to not see the big cross and epic speaker system set up that they'd had at Treasure Island, for a moment I thought we might have run to the wrong place. But sure enough, my boys Xavier and Gaspard strut out, looking ragged yet adorable with their long tangly locks and unshaven faces. They started out the set playing remixes of Across the Universe which pounded both eardrums and chest cavities with its "block rockin' beats." Pretty soon they'd abandoned their music and were toying with random beats and sirens. The rest of the show they spent sampling/remixing other sweet djs: Boys Noize, Chemical Brothers, Bloody Beetroots, Daft Punk represent! So in the end, it might not have been as fucking epic as Across the Universe, but it was crazy fun for a dj set.

Next up, Eminem. Floods of sixth grade memories and obsessions come rushing back- WHAT UP SLIM SHADY! Since he closed the night, the show turned out to be more of a music video than a festival set. Songs were separated by strange "personal" narrations, as if he was trying to add a bridge of stories. Honestly, I found it a little awkward. I just want to you RAP your ass off, Marshall, I don't want all that dramatized bullshit.

Drunk, happy, tired, cold and wet, we journey home- only to change into dry clothing and head back out for some steak po-boys and Harpoon IPA nightcaps.
I can't believe I've never been to New Orleans before.