Thursday, June 12, 2008

List of things to do before I die.

At the end of the summer.
...and then I burst in flames and am reborn from my own ashes!
I decided that if I formally list everything out here, there is a slightly better chance that I will hold myself accountable and actually do some of them. That, or that the list will just remain a constant, public reminder of what a failure I am . I figure this will build character.

- Six Flags
- Menil Collection
- Beach (Galveston counts, just this once)
- reread MOAR Crichton
- Miller Outdoor Theater
- Live music
- Lolololapallooza (maybe? plz?)
- Kemah Boardwalk
- Little Sister's Swimming meet
- The Dark Knight
- California
- Pick a water park, any water park

I know that some of these are pretty given, but it makes me feel good about myself to cross things off on a list irregardless of how silly the item might be.

If we still find ourselves too bored, there's always Social Rule b.99.1.
Or we could start using made up words like IRREGARDLESS and see how many people still take us seriously.

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