Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who knew?

On principle, I utterly despise the Brochstein Pavilion. It stole precious minutes off of our walks to class everyday for being so goddamned in the way of everything for months. It steals business from the student-run coffee house. I bet it plans on stealing something else we hold dear just because it can. What a corporate whore. Don't get too cocky yet, Mr. Pavilion, we can see straight through your nefarious plans (badumCHING). The only reason I sit outside at the tables every morning is because it's the midpoint between my dorm and work (I measured it). Not because I enjoy the peaceful environment created around its perimeter. I don't even like the mock shade they offer under the charming futuristic awning. I definitely don't like cute little grove or the accompanying mysterious fountains. If anyone sees me sitting there sipping a cool drink (which I bought somewhere else of course) enjoying the weather and reading a book, I hope you will have the decency to come over save me from the torture of being in that horrid pavilion's presence.

Genius thought of the day: someone should invent waterproof books so you can read outside when it's raining and not worry about damaging them. Genius afterthought of the day: there are many glaring reasons why I should never go into business marketing.

Funny story. There was a possum waddling around the pavilion today. It did approxiamately two laps to the amusement/shock/horror of those inside before disappearing off into nearby hedges. It was really eerie to see a possum so oblivious to people and daylight. The only possible explanation: it was a mutant. Probably sent by the government.

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