Thursday, May 15, 2008

mmm rain

It was well calculated. The rain didn't start until I was exactly past the midpoint of my twenty-minute trek to Jamba Juice this morning. But as expected, the peach-mango-orange fruit blend was well worth getting drenched. The whole thing just ended up reminding me how much I love walking in the rain. Once you secure any books or electronic devices in your pockets/purse, it's absolutely glorious. Someone once told me that the reason people like showers so much (because they want to be clean? because they touch themselves?) is from the negative ions dispersed by the constant stream of water above your head. I guess this could apply to rain too, but regardless of the reasoning, I love it (along with every other five year old in the world.)
Unfortunately the euphoria only lasts until you get home. Then you realize you're wet, cold, and you have dirt encrusted on the back of your legs from splashing in puddles.

I bet this will come in handy somewhere along the line when I'm looking for a metaphor about experiences that are only good until they're over. You're having the time of your life and suddenly you stop, look around and immediately wonder what the hell you were thinking. As soon as it becomes a memory, it's a regret. Why couldn't I have just taken the bus?!

Gee, if only I could think of a life experience that corresponds...

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