Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stuff White People Like #134:

(so maybe it isn't on the website yet, but you know it should be)

The last on-campus Rice Baseball game was today and as expected, it was amazing. Not just because we won (but since you asked, yes, we did slaughter UofH 12-6),
there is something so undeniably refreshing about going to baseball games. Maybe it's contagious excitement of the rabid fans. Maybe it's because I'm cheering on people that I actually know in real life (as opposed just during the games, which are obviously a part of an alternate reality) Maybe it's the way the bright green field contrasts the immaculately white (and deliciously tight) uniforms. Maybe it's the resonating sound the ball makes when it hits the catcher's glove justright. I mean, I played t-ball, so I can feign some general knowledge and affinity for the game itself, but I know that my obsession with Rice Baseball games goes much deeper than that. I'm addicted to the whole experience.

On a slightly unrelated note, I think the same goes cigarettes, which I have conditioned myself to associate with pauses in homework spent sitting outside and listening to the rustle of leaves from my balcony. Or even my addiction to running the outer loop. God knows I'm don't actually like running, it's just the 30 minute brain-off, upbeatmusic-on break from life that I get to pass surrounded by the outer-loop's gorgeous live oaks. I'm addicted to environment.

Hm. Or maybe it's the nicotine, dumbass.

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