Saturday, May 17, 2008

9hr weeknd wrkdayz are teh sux0rz

Moved all of my stuff to Jones yesterday. You don't realize how much shit you've accumulated over the school year until you have 3.5 hours to pack it all up and ship it across campus. After awhile you stop sorting and just throw everything into boxes and bags. I think the stress caused me to go temporarily insane- maniacal laughter included. As if Meesh wasn't scared enough of living with me. It's really exciting to be in a new room though, I actually get a window this time.

I'm going to take back everything I said in my Baseball post from last Sunday. Sitting at work hovered over a small, animated field muttering to myself made me realize there might be more to my obsession than the atmosphere of Reckling Park. I just told my co-workers the outbursts of emotion were reactions to the clock. (OHFUCKYES!.... ahem... only 37 minutes till five, guys!) I think deep down I've finally realized that cheering on a winning team is the only thing that makes waking up every morning worth my while.

In other news, politicians are using fear? In con ceivable. I don't know why, but all of a sudden I'm starting to get really bored with this campaign. Bad choice of words... disillusioned maybe? tired? Whatever. Maybe Hunter S. Thompson's '76 insight will cure my nihilistic cynicism. Maybe it will just remind me that I need to do more drugs.

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