Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ike update: We survived!
The storm ended up being 110 mph winds when it hit, just barely missing being a Category 3. Which made for an exciting morning. (4:00 green lightning storms, baby!) Our house wasn't harmed, but one of our trees snapped in half and it looks like a forest threw up all over our yard. Pictures of zomgdamage to be posted. Still no power or running water in the house, I'm posting this via telepathy. No school Monday woot.

Edit: Sun Sept 13
Still no power. Running water is possibly contaminated. Everyone smells.

Edit: Mon Sept 14
If you ignore the massive debris everywhere, it's actually quite nice outside. Temp in the 60's (in Houston? In the summertime? NO WAI)

Post-hurricane playlist:

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augusta said...

i saw the green lightning! i woke up around 4 am and looked out the windows to see how bad the damage was and saw intense green lightning. awesome!